Are you interested in reducing your high electricity bills and carbon footprint?

BE Solar prides itself on being the number one energy team in Bermuda. We have installed the largest volume of solar projects on the island and have provided the most extensive support in the community with education and awareness campaigns. Since 2010, we have helped our clients save over $3 million, we have stopped over 5,000 barrels of oil from being burnt and installed over 4,500 solar panels on 350+ properties.

A solar electricity system installed by BE Solar can provide clean power for up to 75% less than current electricity rates. Our team provides the most robust and highest quality solar panels, with safe and reliable microinverters and tough, leak-free attachments that are designed to withstand the unique environmental conditions of Bermuda.

Most solar electricity systems installed by BE Solar pay for themselves in as little as seven years and are warranted for up to 30 years which results in decades of free electricity once the system is paid for. With rates of return from 12% - 18%, saving with BE solar offers a low risk investment opportunity that’s hard to match by any financial institution.

Please complete the form to request a call back to learn about how we create customised energy efficiency and solar proposals that meet your long term energy and financial goals. Let BE Solar help you make a sensible investment in clean renewable energy that will increase the value of your property and reduce your monthly energy expenses.