The Best Places to Visit in Virgin Gorda

If you're craving the ultimate island experience in the Caribbean, look no further. The British Virgin Islands will deliver all you need and more. Out of the 50 islands that nestle together, we've chosen Virgin Gorda as a must-see island to explore. If you like the sound of powder-like sand on beaches, turquoise waters, saltwater pools and dramatic landscapes, you'll love this alluring destination. 

Virgin Gorda is the third-largest island after Tortola and Anegada and sits on approximately 8 square miles of luscious land. The stunning peninsula houses national parks, a jaw-dropping coastline, the infamous Yacht Harbour marina and many cool spots to eat and drink at in Spanish Town.

While in Virgin Gorda, here are four places you must visit: 

Spring Bay - If you love marine life, you'll be in your element here. The serene Spring Bay is lined by giant boulders creating an area well known for its natural pool and an enclosed area called The Crawl. As fishing is not permitted in this area, it has allowed the marine ecosystem to flourish and makes it a hit with charter boat tours and snorkelers. 

Devil's Bay - Southwest of Virgin Gorda is a horseshoe-shaped bay called Devil's Bay. After a 15-minute hike through vegetation and over boulders from the car park at the top of The Baths, one of Virgin Gorda's most beautiful beaches will appear. Hailed by many travellers as a 'must see', the natural tidal pools, arches, caves and tunnels formed by the granite boulders, will leave you speechless. 

Savannah Bay - North of Spanish Town and not too far from Little Dix Bay lies Savannah Bay.  If you're looking for seclusion, you'll find it here on Virgin Gorda's largest beach.  Surrounded by vibrant reefs and pristine turquoise waters it makes it the ideal chill spot as there are no crowds. Due to the dangerous and tricky reefs, it's a 'no-go' area for most charter companies which makes it a quiet and blissful destination. 

The Baths - Last but not least, you cannot go to Virgin Gorda and not visit one of the BVI's most recognized tourist attractions. Formed by granite that eroded into piles of boulders on the beach, the sights here are dramatic. Some boulders are as high as 40 feet. Made up of an unusual geological formation, The Baths never gets tiring as it boasts awe-inspiring rock formations in and out of the water as far as the eye can see. If you have more energy after exploring The Baths, be sure to visit the Copper Mine, the most notable ruin on Virgin Gorda. 

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