Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is an island within the British Virgin Islands. Known for its baths, beaches and grottoes, this island is certainly not one to miss!

The Baths

Located in the south west of the island, the Baths in Virgin Gorda offer arguably the most stunning views on in the Caribbean and it's probably one of the most popular attractions in Virgin Gorda. You won't understand the beauty of these baths unless you see and experience them for yourself. The baths are encased in its own little grotto of boulders that were once brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions.

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Gorda Peak National Park

Located in the center of Virgin Gorda, Gorda Peak National Park is the perfect place to explore and if you manage to get to the highest point which is at the top of this peak, you will get some amazing views! This is definitely a great alternative to visiting the beach.

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