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Situated in the off the coast of France, the Channel islands consist of two major islands which are Jersey and Guernsey, making up two of the three self-governing British crown dependencies (the other one being the Isle of Man). Other small islands that are inhabited in the Channel Islands include Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou and Brecqhou.

To figure out exactly which channel island is for you, let's delve into what exactly makes these islands a great place to live...


Being the second biggest Channel Island, Guernsey offers plenty of natural coastal beauty and a peaceful way of life. Because Guernsey is a small island, real estate can be limited, especially compared to all the rest of Europe. Being a British crown dependency, Guernsey’s government makes its own laws and restricts who can become a resident on the island.

So why is Guernsey a great place to live? With its idealistic location in the Channel Islands, from Guernsey it’s easy for residents to travel to the UK, France or even another part of Europe with ease from Guernsey Airport. Guernsey offers some stunning scenery and a very pleasant climate compared to Britain's mainland.

Alderney is the third biggest Channel Island (3 miles long & 1 mile wide) that is part of Guernsey and is the northernmost inhabited Channel Island. Here you can find a range of beautifully located properties by the coast as well as inland.

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Did you know…

  • Guernsey is subject to a 33ft tidal range which transforms the coastline every six hours.
  • Guernsey is home to the oldest postbox in the British Isles - This is the only one on the Island that’s red, the rest are blue.
  • The Guernsey cow produces some of the most delicious dairy products.
  • Dotted along the roadsides you will find miniature roadside shops called “hedge veg” stalls, each selling a different selection of local fresh produce. Just simply put your money in an honesty box.
  • Spring can arrive up to 4 weeks sooner than on the main coast of Britain.
  • Guernsey used to be the peninsula of France until the rising sea levels separated it around 8,000 years ago.


Jersey is the largest Island of the Channel Islands. It is also usually the warmest climate with more sunshine than the rest of the channel islands due to its southern position, just 19 miles off the coast of France.

Jersey, along with the rest of the Channel Islands, has their own government but are represented by the UK in international affairs and they have one of the lowest crime rates in Britain.

If you are looking to live in Jersey, you can expect beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, excellent restaurants and an array of tax free independent shops. The Island is very safe and family friendly with many jobs available.

Did you Know?

  • Jersey was previously famous for its wollen trade with knitting one of the main industries!
  • Jersey cows are known for their beauty and are popular for their naturally high in butterfat milk. You may see The Jersey Cow in other parts of the world- If you trace their ancestry, they will be traced back to their origin of Jersey.
  • Jersey uses paper pound notes.
  • The island of Jersey is 5 miles long and 9 miles wide.
  • The island is well known for the Jersey Royal, the potatoes have been growing on the island for over 130 years.

If you’re looking to live in any of the Channel Island you are only able to seek residence if:

  • You are a British Citizen
  • You are a national of the European Economic Area (EU and Iceland nationals)
  • You are a Swiss national
  • Anyone else will require permission to stay or even enter Guernsey.

In the Channel Islands, there are two types of property markets. One is called the local market, which is reserved for foreign investors who have been granted residency in the Channel Islands to live and work. The second is called the open market which is for UK and EU citizens to become residents.

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