Fort Grey, Guernsey

Fort Grey is situated in the west of Guernsey in Rocquaine Bay and offers a historical insight into how Guernsey was protected from the French back in the 1800s. Fort Grey is raised by a small tidal islet and is connected to the coast by a raised causeway, this is why is gets the name of “cup and saucer”, because it looks like a cup in a saucer from the coastline.

Fort Grey was manned throughout both world wars which provided as a German anti-aircraft battery during their occupation of the island. From 1976, Fort Grey is a shipwreck museum that houses a variety of objects that have been recovered from nearby shipwrecks from 1777 all the way to 2003.

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Opening times & pricing:

Opening times are: 10am - 4.30pm - Check website for Seasonal Opening Schedule.


Adults - £4.00
Children 7 to 18 - £1.50
Children under 7 go free