A Guide To A Happy Life In Jersey, Channel Islands

A Guide to a Happy Life in Jersey, Channel Islands

The beautiful island of Jersey in the Channel Islands offers a wonderful lifestyle and quality of life for residents. With its idyllic landscapes, relaxed pace of life, and unique local culture, Jersey has so much to offer those looking to make a home on this charming island.

Just 14 miles from the coast of France yet loyal to the British Crown, Jersey combines influences from both, creating a distinctive character. Miles of pristine beaches, dramatic coastal walks, historic castles, top-rated restaurants, and duty-free shopping will delight new residents. Here is a guide to the many benefits of living in Jersey.

Affordable Cost of Living in Jersey

While the cost of living in Jersey is higher than in mainland UK, it remains affordable compared to global finance hubs like London or Hong Kong. With a low goods and services Tax and no capital gains tax as well as a maximum 20% flat income tax rate, residents benefit from a lower tax burden than mainland UK. Groceries, dining out, leisure activities, and property prices in Jersey are all typically lower than in London. Overall, Jersey offers a great quality of life for the cost.

Buying Property in St Helier, Jersey

Purchasing property in vibrant St Helier, Jersey is easier than you might expect. With Jersey's housing market booming and new developments constantly popping up in and around St Helier, the island's capital, now is a particularly advantageous time for UK residents to invest in Jersey real estate. Work with an estate agent to find your dream home in Jersey.

Relaxed Island Lifestyle in Jersey

Life in Jersey moves at a more relaxed pace than in bustling UK cities like London. Thanks to Jersey's tranquil island lifestyle, residents have more time to spend with family and friends, enjoy the great outdoors, and pursue hobbies and passions. Work hours tend to be shorter in Jersey, with less focus on face-time in the office. And with Jersey's wonderfully mild year-round climate, residents can stay active outside no matter the season. The Jersey lifestyle promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty in Jersey

Jersey's landscapes are simply stunning, delighting residents and visitors. Miles of pristine sandy beaches, dramatic cliff walks, quaint harbours, lush inland scenery, and panoramic ocean views make Jersey a nature lover's paradise. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Jersey, from surfing and sailing to coastal trekking and hiking. Don't miss the sweeping bay at St Ouen's or the cliff trails at St Brelade's. Jersey's natural beauty is unforgettable.

OutstandingLocal Jersey Produce

As a foodie haven, Jersey spoils residents with outstanding fresh local produce. Seafood straight from the boat, artisanal cheeses and ice cream, acclaimed ciders and wines, the famous buttery Jersey Royal potatoes, and the Michelin-starred Bohemia restaurant will satisfy any culinary craving. Don't leave Jersey without trying a traditional Jersey milkshake with rich Jersey cream! And be sure to visit the weekly farmers market in St Helier.

Easy Transport and Accessibility Around Jersey

Jersey's ultra-compact 9 by 5-mile size makes getting around a breeze without a car. An excellent bus system seamlessly connects Jersey's 12 parishes, taxis are plentiful if needed, and most attractions are easily walkable from towns and villages. For exploring further afield, car hire is affordable and driving is on the left like in the UK. Frequent car ferries also link Jersey with French and English ports. Lastly, Jersey's airport offers direct flights to over 25 destinations, making trips on or off the island a cinch.

What area is best to stay in Jersey?

St Helier is likely the best area for most people to move when relocating to Jersey. As the capital and largest town, St Helier has a wide range of properties, restaurants, shops, and nightlife. It's centrally located on the island, so you can easily access all other parishes and attractions from here.

St Helier has beautiful beaches like St Aubin's Bay and a lively harbour area full of pubs and restaurants. The transport links are excellent with the bus terminal and ferry port right in town. While other parishes like St Brelade and St Ouen are also lovely, St Helier makes an ideal base to experience everything Jersey has to offer.


In short, Jersey is a summer paradise that leaves visitors captivated by its natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you prefer to relax on the pristine beaches, embark on coastal adventures, or immerse yourself in the island's fascinating past, Jersey has something for everyone.

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