Underappreciated Gems of Jersey, Channel Islands

Hidden Jersey: 3 Underappreciated Gems for Property Buyers

As a property advertising service in Jersey, Property Skipper is constantly on the lookout for those hidden gems around the island that offer superb value and quality of life for property buyers but tend to fly under the radar. While hotspots like St Helier and St Brelade grab the headlines, there are still some underappreciated havens tucked away that deserve more attention.

Great Accessibility at Affordable Prices

One area that fits the bill is St Mary in northeast Jersey. This charming rural parish provides a peaceful countryside setting, yet still enjoys good accessibility with transport links to nearby hubs like St John, Trinity, and Gorey. Steeped in history, St Mary offers delightful sights like the majestic Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin set against the picturesque backdrop of green hills and countryside. Another standout is La Rue de Samares Neolithic site, where visitors can explore the ancient burial grounds and get a glimpse into Jersey’s past.

For nature lovers, this parish is filled with lovely walking trails, gardens, and parks to enjoy. Historically quaint with sites transport residents.

Charming Rural Vibes Without Total Isolation

St Peter is another parish I encourage buyers to consider. Tucked into Jersey's northwest corner, it enjoys gorgeous views across St Ouen's Bay and convenient proximity to Jersey Airport. Like St Mary, it balances that countryside charm with easy access - you can soak in historic sites like Jersey Round Tower and Hamptonne Country Life Museum before popping over to nearby St Ouen or St Brelade. But again, you'll pay much less of a premium to call this peaceful coastal area home.

Hidden Gems Waiting to be Discovered

For lower prices without sacrificing location, there's also fantastic value to be found in Grouville. Mere minutes from the capital St Helier but significantly more affordable, Grouville offers buyers the chance to stay well-connected across the island while still discovering hidden property gems. This charming parish is home to a variety of housing options from historic stone cottages to modern new-build apartments and family homes, many with seaside views.

Residents can explore the majestic Gorey Castle situated right in Grouville, wandering its medieval walls and soaking in views across the bay. Or take a short stroll to the pristine Royal Bay of Grouville, whose white sand beach and calm blue waters create a serene backdrop for beach days and oceanfront living. With vibrant harbour life, rich history, and natural coastal beauty all within reach, Grouville properties let buyers seamlessly integrate into island living at an accessible price point.

Quality Living In Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey offers an enviable quality of life that residents and visitors alike struggle to find elsewhere. The island paradise oozes a tranquil charm, with picturesque natural scenery, breathtaking beaches, and charming harbour towns to explore. Yet it also enjoys a vibrant culture and liveliness among its tight-knit communities that larger cities would struggle to match.

Jersey has a high standard of living as reflected in low crime rates, excellent education and healthcare services, and modern infrastructure - not to mention tax benefits like GST exemptions that help money stretch further for islanders. It's this balance of beautiful surroundings, rich culture, and outstanding amenities that create a uniquely high quality of everyday life for those lucky enough to reside in Jersey. Newcomers can expect not only an affordable cost of living but an unrivalled lifestyle that enhances health, happiness and well-being with ease.

Exceptional Beaches in Jersey

Jersey is blessed with several stunning beaches, but a few stand out as perennial favourites among locals and visitors alike. Picturesque St Brelade's Bay is consistently ranked one of the best beaches in the UK, with its soft white sand and ample amenities making it a family-friendly choice.

The sweeping crescent of St Ouen's Bay delights surfers with reliable waves and golden sands that stretch for miles. For sheltered swimming and water sports, St Aubin's Bay offers calm, crystal-clear shallows in a quaint harbour setting. And for those seeking dramatic scenery, the rocky coves and timbered Greve de Lecq seduces with its rugged, unspoiled beauty. With beach days being a beloved island pastime, this four headline the premier options to enjoy Jersey Shore living at its finest on a balmy summer’s day. Their beauty and variety explain the enduring popularity of these sandy Jersey stars.


In short, Jersey is a summer paradise that leaves visitors captivated by its natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you prefer to relax on the pristine beaches, embark on coastal adventures, or immerse yourself in the island's fascinating past, Jersey has something for everyone.

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