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How is Frith Real Estate different?

  •  2% Commission paid by vendor (seller) to Frith Real Estate as Listing Agent
  •  Frith Real Estate sells directly to buyers at no additional commission. OR,
  •  Buyer brings their own agent and the buyer compensates that agent

Traditional Bermuda Real Estate Model

  •  Vendor pays 5% commission to the Listing Agent
  •  If the Listing Agent finds the buyers the Broker retains the entire 5% commission
  • If another Agent finds the buyer, the Listing Agent and Selling Agent (who introduces the buyer) split the commission 50/50

What is wrong with the traditional model?

  • It's too expensive. For example, on a $2 million property, the vendor would pay $100,000. Frith Real Estate would charge $40,000 (60% less)
  • The agent representing the buyer is paid by the seller, and therefore that agent legally represents the seller, not the buyer
  • The listing broker has an outsize incentive to sell the property to a buyer who is also using their agency's service, which creates conflicts and often is not in the best interest of the vendor.

Frith Real Estate Bermuda. Platinum Service. 2% Commission.

Key Services

  • Residential Sales
    Residential Rentals
    Commercial & Land Sales

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