Home Design - Tile Trends in 2016

Article by Pembroke Tile & Stone

Every year manufacturers introduce new tile designs, patterns, colours and shapes as home décor styles transform and evolve. Here are a few of the latest tile trends that interior designers have identified for 2016.

3D - Playing with shadow and light, rather than colour and pattern, three-dimensional visually tactile tiles are trending this year. Combining elegance and aesthetics, 3D tiles have a strong decorative impact and are available in a myriad of styles, colours and finishes.

Three-dimensional tiles can be used in a variety of combinations and patterns to give a room depth. Use these modern and versatile tiles to build an accent wall, update a kitchen backsplash, or add dimension to a small bath. 

Hexagon tiles - Hexagons have been popular for some time now and are showing no signs of waning in 2016. These eye-catching tiles are simplistic yet sophisticated in their symmetry - perfect for the modern home. Manufacturers have reenergized the hexagon by using new materials, textures, colours and formats. Super-sized hexagons create serious drama and stunning visual impact. 

Herringbone & Chevron patterns - Herringbone and Chevron patterns are often confused as they are very similar. Chevron patterns consist of inverted “v” shapes that mold together to form a unique and attractive pattern often used for floors, walls and as an eye-catching backsplash. Herringbone is a pattern that is composed of rectangular pieces of equal size, arranged in a zig-zag, pattern. The perfectly cut rectangular are staggered slightly, so that the end of one plank meets the side of another.

Chevron tile patterns are being used increasingly in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Chevron makes an impact yet will feel timeless for years to come. Herringbone is becoming more and more popular and is so versatile that it can be used for a traditional or modern design, depending on the material that is chosen. Herringbone tile patterns create movement on the floor, making the space appear more open.

Grey - Grey is still the versatile neutral of choice for designers, and it’s easy to understand the vast appeal of this classy hue. However the grey tile has been taken to the next level with differing hues and textural variations.

This year an entire spectrum of grey can be found in the latest Italian tile introductions, from cooler slate tones to warmer shades of grey and beige. With the addition of texture, colour variation and overlaid patterns, grey tiles prove that you don't need color to make a style statement.

Brick tile - The raw and rustic beauty of exposed brickwork looks equally great in contemporary and classic designs. There's hardly a better match for an industrial vibe than an indoor expanse of exposed brick. For those who covet the urban look, brick tile looks great and are extremely durable. 

Supersize tile - Technological developments in tile cutting have enabled manufacturers to produce oversized porcelain slabs. Large format tiles bring about new design possibilities as well showcasing a distinct seamlessness. In larger formats, the beauty and endless nuances of the tile are captured, rather than the grout lines of smaller tiles.

These tiles are not only functional but also make a bold design statement. Sleek and minimal, this look is the perfect complement to a modern décor. Express your uniqueness through different colours or with high quality reproductions of natural marble.

Tile is versatile, attractive and its home-cooling benefits are extremely attractive for Bermuda’s climate. If any of these tile trends interest you, please visit the Pembroke Tile & Stone showroom on Serpentine Road and speak to one of our sales team or visit our website, www.pts.bm for inspiration.

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