'Meet the Agent' - Cecilia 'Cesa' Edwards from Bermuda Longtail Real Estate

This month for 'Meet the Agent' we interview Cecilia 'Cesa' Edwards from Bermuda Longtail Real Estate. Cesa has been in the industry for over 25 years and for the last 8 years founding, growing and running Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd. Cesa discusses how Bermuda Longtail has grown from strength to strength, what listings on the market right now represent good value and also some top tips for buyers and sellers. 

How long have you been a Real Estate agent? I started real estate as a secretary in the Vacation Rentals Department with a great company called LP Gutteridge Ltd in 1991. (Do you remember LPG?). I obtained my real estate license in 1993 and began what has been my journey. So this year will be approx 27 years in real estate. 

Why do you like working for Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd? Well, I’m rather biased but I don’t like working for Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd……. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE working for Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd because I birthed this company on 5 May 2010 in probably one of the most difficult recessions in my lifetime, starting from the ground up. I was a 1 man show working really hard until I was able to hire realtors one by one to now having 12 amazing hard working realtors, creative branding managers, our fabulous office administrator & last but certainly not least, my husband & back bone of this company as co-owner. Each year since inception our company has grown from strength to strength & that’s because of our amazing collective fortitude in such a competitive industry.

What is the favourite part of your job? My favorite part of the job is waking up every morning thanking God for another opportunity to create a match between my clients & customers. A landlord with a tenant. A seller with a buyer. What’s even more of a blessing is that over 90% of my clients & customers are repeat clients or referrals. It’s really not a job for me….it’s my life & my hope & my dream. 

What is your favourite property on the market right now? Each property is my favourite. The moment I meet my client (the landlord or the seller) on site & discuss their desires & needs for why they chose me to list their home, I take this part of the transaction very seriously. It’s about me understanding my clients needs, its about listening to why they have to do what they have to do, its about keeping their information confidential, its about ‘relationship’. Choosing my favourite to me is like picking who’s my favourite son out of the 2 amazing sons that I have. Each have their own personality & so it is with each property.

What property on the market right now, in your opinion, do you think is really good value? As we are all well aware & have been told for quite some time that it’s a buyers market, there’s actually many properties out there that offer amazingly great value! Let me share a few;

Landmark 8A, Southampton – A waterfront 2 bedroom condo with the most amazing ocean views, swimming pool, tennis court, Manor House - $399,000 ono

Ocean View, Pembroke – An 8 apartment dwelling minutes from the city needing some ones loves & attention. Would make an amazing investment when completed! $575,000

How do you see the Bermuda property market over the next 12 months? The great thing is that Bermudians are seizing the opportunity of purchasing while the prices are lower than they were pre-recession. In some case 30% to 35% lower & without having a crystal ball, we don’t know how long it will be a buyers market, so if you’re thinking about buying & are able, SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY NOW! 

What are your top 3 tips to a buyer when looking at a potential new home?

1) If you’re a cash buyer & you haven’t identified a realtor find one that you can trust & that would go the extra mile, so he/she can get moving with finding you the right property to suit your needs.

2) If you’re  a 1st time purchaser & you’re seeking a mortgage, find a realtor that you can trust & go the extra mile so that he/she can assist you with setting you up with the right mortgage lender/officer to get bank pre-approval, assist you with finding the right attorney you trust to assist you with the transaction & assist you with finding the right structural engineers to ensure the property you purchase is to your satisfaction.

3) Discuss your needs & requirements with your realtor including parish preferences, price range, number of bedrooms & any other important details so your realtor can seek properties that are within your requests. It should be a pleasurable experience. Not stressful. Your realtor should be accessible, available & ready willing & able to help you during what has been quoted as “One of the largest investments you will make in your entire life!”.

Any good tips for sellers when preparing their home for sale?

1) Price it right from the beginning
2) Paint, clean, declutter, depersonalize – Do anything necessary to produce great curb appeal
3) Make the property easy to show

What do you think of propertyskipper.com (we promise not to edit!)? After having been in the real estate industry for this long one thing that we (brokers & realtors) have discussed for many years is the ability to have one local central system of advertising (some call it MLS). Some said it would be too much work, too much money & so on. Propertyskipper.com is the closest thing to an MLS where a purchaser or a tenant can type in all their specific requirements & everything in their price range will pop up in price order. The great thing is that the listings populated on propertyskipper.com come from ALL THE BROKERS WHO ADVERTISE WITH PROPERTYSKIPPER.COM & there’s loads of us. I’m looking forward to the day when ALL BROKERS would list with propertyskipper.com Their clients would thank them as its an added benefit of exposure to get their properties sold or rented as quickly as possible! Clients should really seek real estate companies who are exposing & advertising their properties to the fullest. These are tough times & we know that right now it’s more important than ever to get properties SOLD & RENTED QUICKLY & propertyskipper.com is a great conduit to assist in achieving those means. (ed. Thanks Cesa - we enjoy working with you and your agency)

Contact Details:
Cecilia 'Cesa' Edwards
(441) 535-2769

Loreen, Thank you for your kind words. Its always been a pleasure working with you & blessings to you & your team as well :) - Posted by Cesa on 29/03/2018 11:36

Cesa, what a wonderful write up. I agree, as it all true which is what makes you a great broker/agent.... all the best in 2018. loreen ele properties - Posted by loreen emery on 29/03/2018 8:43

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