'Meet the Agent' - Jen Young from Cranfields Property Bermuda

This month for ‘Meet the Agent’ we interview Jen Young who recently joined Cranfields Property Bermuda as a sales and rental agent, having previously worked as a real estate agent in Philadelphia. Jen discusses what she enjoys about working for Cranfields, favourite and best value listings on the market right now and also provides some excellent tips for buyers and sellers in the current market. 

How long have you been in the business? I suppose you could say I have had a life long interest in Real Estate. My Dad was a realtor and I can remember going to open houses on the weekends just for fun. Actually it was my Dad who suggested I get my license and he insisted on paying for it! I was licensed in 2015 and started working for Keller Williams just outside of Philadelphia, a year later I relocated to Coldwell Banker and was with CB until I moved back to Bermuda.

Why do you like working for Cranfields Property Bermuda LTD and what’s the favourite part of your job? Choosing where to hang your license is not easy, in fact it was one of the biggest decisions I have had to make in a long time. Prior to sitting my RE exam a friend of mine recommended I work with Sharon Cranfield. As soon as I interviewed with Sharon I knew I was going to work with her, if given the opportunity. The rest is history. I love the caring environment I work in, not only does Sharon care about her team (us) she cares deeply about her vendors, buyers, renters & landlords. Sharon’s expertise and experience is invaluable and she does not hesitate to share her vast knowledge with me. Her husband Michael takes care of the team as well, providing support in many areas such as IT, photography, marketing merchandise and so on. Working with my team is so rewarding. I love the challenge of fulfilling our goals and bringing people together assisting them in reaching their goals. Connections, communication, ticking the boxes, making it happen, love the win/win scenarios we bring about!

Where are you seeing activity in the market at the moment? I am fortunate to have a large network, a lot of people in my sphere of influence. My SOI added to Sharon’s expertise has put me on the fast track! I have been busy since day one. I pay attention to what others are saying about the market but ultimately I know that I create my opportunities and successes. We have a motto here at Cranfields Property, just three little words but it says so much: EXCELLENCE, EXPERIENCE & ENTHUSIASM. With that said I have noticed that the rental market is buzzing and I am impressed with the quality of homes along with noticeable dedication from the landlords. On the selling side of things I can only speak from what I am observing and I feel lucky to be in an office where I hear the words ‘offer’, ‘closing’ & ‘settlement’ quite often! I believe we create our own reality therefore I have total confidence in myself, my team & the Real Estate market.

What is your favorite property on the market right now? There are two actually, both entirely different but equally appealing. The first property is my listing, a lovely executive rental in Warwick, #10 Lucky Hill, $9,500 /pm. Renters may not own the home they are renting but they want to FEEL like they do. That is what this property offers. Lucky Hill is a community and the homes are built with integrity.  Each one has it’s own unique style. #10 boasts a pool, fenced in garden, open plan living, 3 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom. In fact there are 4 full bathrooms, the ground floor bathroom perfect for swimmers venturing in from the pool. I love the mixture of the Bermuda ‘look’ and American style storage. The master walk in closet/dressing room is fully fitted and incredibly spacious. Such a unique feature! More like this to come, so exciting!


The Lodge in Warwick has caught my eye. I love historical properties and/or properties with character. This one fits the bill. Centrally located, priced right, lovingly maintained with a buttery and an exposed water tank, just so darn cute! I appreciate all types of architecture but there is nothing like Old Bermuda charm. I look forward to showing this to one of my buyers, I’m sure she will fall in love!


What property on the market right now, in your opinion, do you think is really good value? This sweet little cottage “Cranberry Cottage” is a real gem, a diamond in the rough. I like the potential it has to offer and with my background in construction and flipping houses it ‘sweets’ me Cranberry Cottage is centrally located in Paget, has approved plans for a 2 bed, 2 bath renovation and is surrounded by well-maintained homes. Again, I like the fact that the outer shell is Old Bermuda and the inside can be just how you like it, contemporary or traditional. Now for the best part, it is on the market for $395K!! Love it.


How do you see the Bermuda property market in 2019/20? I feel it is what I make it. I don’t buy into all the hype whether it be ‘up’ or ‘down’. I know that if I put in the time and the work then the sky is the limit! Here are a few books that have helped me in the Real Estate business, there are so many more but this is a good start:

The Energy Bus by Jon Gorden (available at the Bookmart in town)

The Go Giver by Jon Gorden

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

What are your top 4 tips for purchasers when looking for a potential new home?

1) Location, Location, Location - It is true, the property’s location is crucial. Do you like the neighborhood, is it safe, is it close to work, school etc.?

2) Re-sale value. Will the home appreciate over time, is it a worthy investment?  If it’s a fixer-upper can you afford to renovate? Buying a home is both an emotional & financial investment and this equation must be balanced.

3) Actually this step should be #1, your financial status. If you need a mortgage go to the bank and obtain a pre- approval letter. This will give you (and your realtor) a clear indication of what you can afford.

Finally – do you have any good tips for sellers when preparing their home for sale?

1) First impression is key in capturing a buyers attention, therefore I recommend the seller clear out all clutter and visually distracting items. Curb appeal is important as well, make sure the grass is cut, bushes trimmed etc…

2) Take inventory, make a list of all repairs that need doing and get to it. A well maintained home holds it’s worth.

3) A clear title ensures a smooth sale. Clean up any disputes or liens on the property, have all paperwork in order and ready for conveyancing.

4) Choose a realtor you trust and feel comfortable with. It’s like choosing a lawyer or doctor. You want your realtor to get to know you, find out what is most important to you, understand your situation and be your advocate through the entire selling process. Selling your home requires quite a lot of due diligence and a good realtor is ‘there for you’ ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Jen’s Contact Details:

1 441 777-5941 (cell)



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