'Meet the Agent' - Kim Sheen from Kim Sheen Properties

This month for 'Meet the Agent' we interview Kim Sheen who is Broker/Owner of Kim Sheen Properties. Kim has been a real estate agent for over a quarter of a century and shares her experiences and words of wisdom on why she enjoys being a real estate agent, what's good value on the market right now and some very appreciated complimentary words on propertyskipper.com....

How long have you been a real estate agent? 26 years

Why do you like working for Kim Sheen Properties? The benefit of owning my own business gives me the ability to be flexible towards my client’s needs and best interests as they always come first.  Kim Sheen Properties is a small – client based business which can adhere to the true personal needs of each and every client/customer.

What is the favorite part of your job?  Making my clients happy in the ability to obtaining their goal of selling/buying/renting a property.  There is no greater joy I have in my job then putting a big smile on my client’s faces! Real Estate is my passion!!

What is your favorite property on the market right now?  I have 2 properties that really stand out to me.  One is for rent the other for sale & both located in Sandy’s.  The one for rent is an absolute adorable 3 bed 2 bath cottage on a very private large lot all renovated with kitchen & baths and offers the most spectacular views of the Great Sound! 


The other is a 3 bed 2.5 bath condo only 5 years old and again spectacular views of the Great Sound!  Making these both excellent spots for the America’s Cup Trial & race!


What property on the market right now, in your opinion, do you think is really good value?  I have a 2 bed 1.5 bath townhouse in St. David’s that offers great views of the ocean and an outstanding kitchen!


How do you see the Bermuda property market over the next 12 months?  As we progress out of the slowed economy I see both short term and long term improvement. With the America's Cup coming you will see a major upswing - If you were thinking of renting out your property now is the time to do it...

What are your top 3 tips when looking at a potential new home?  Firstly – if you are buying getting pre-qualified is a must also location, location & location! Ha-ha of course these are a given! At Kim Sheen Properties we look at the structural integrity of a property. If not a solid foundation then you are looking at possibly going over your budget to repair. How the rooms are configured for your family (the layout/floor plan). Working with a professional real estate agent is a must as they know the market and can educate you sensibly. At Kim Sheen Properties we strive to make buying your dream home a reality, at a fair price.

What do you think of propertyskipper.com (we promise not to edit!)?  Words cannot even do justice to what Propertyskipper has done for the Bermuda market. I love love Propertyskipper!  Being an American agent I had the pleasure of using the Multiple Listing Service. This simplified the process for the agents. All of the listings whether active, pending, expired & sold were all readily available to us, sadly not the case here. It was one of the hardest things I had to adjust to in Bermuda. When looking for a property for a customer to buy or rent it saves multitudes of time to just go to one place to find the inventory. Propertyskipper has allowed us to make this part of our job much smoother! Honestly, going to each agent’s website takes WAAY too much time! What took me just an hour in the US to perform a market analysis (finding out what a property should be put on the market for) now takes days as the information is not readily available.  I would like Propertyskipper to implement having solds on their system although I know this would be very difficult, but achievable, at some point in the future. This would simplify our job of performing a market analysis for our clients to see what their house is worth.  Thank you Propertyskipper you are leading the pack and you ROCK!! 

Agent Contact Details:  734-1264 ksheen@northrock.bm www.kimsheenproperties.bm

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