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This month for 'Meet the Agent' we interview William Kempe, Sales Associate at The Property Group. William discusses why he enjoys working for The Property Group, how being a professional actor for 30 years assists him in his role and both the potential drivers and positive trends in the Bermuda property market.

How long have you been a Real Estate agent?  

Two and a half years but real estate has been the family business and to some degree my business, so in essence I have been rehearsing for a lifetime…

Why do you like working for The Property Group?  

Firstly, they have the finest reputation and deservedly so: in any situation there is a wealth of experience, within the wonderful characters that make up The Property Group, from whom to solicit advice, a veritable gaggle of real estate oracles. Amazingly we all get along famously and within that positive framework I am given the flexibility to work at my own unorthodox schedule. I tend to start every day early and work very late but take time in the late afternoon to be with my kids.

What is the favourite part of your job?  

There are several parts, I love architecture and design, I know a fair bit about construction – so seeing houses all day is exciting. I love photography and writing so I enjoy putting together photos and unconventional descriptions for our website and propertyskipper.com. I have been a professional actor for 30 years, so I know something about images and words and I’d like to think that shows…

What is your favourite property on the market right now?  

I have a listing at St James that is spectacular. urban, very contemporary, Scavolini, Agape all Italian tile, lighting fixtures, superbly executed and gorgeously appointed in Flatts Village. I am a fan of juxtaposition. 


There is also a new listing I have (full disclosure my father owned in the 50’s-early 60’s) The Ruin in Warwick, a very cute 2 bedroom 200 year old cottage. (see juxtaposition)


What property on the market right now, in your opinion, do you think is really good value?  

Unquestionably Oceans 7 on Ocean Avenue, a large house in a great area that needs work, it’s definitely a project but has tremendous upside.


How do you see the Bermuda property market over the next 12 months? 

There are of course a number of variables. The most important: can the Government start to attract back some of the 8,000 people we "lost". The Bermuda economy and real estate market were built up and designed to run with a certain horsepower, the engine doesn’t run so well with less horsepower…

A positive trend I see in the newly empowered group of PRC’s, is that they are buying. The lowering of the taxes and the inclusion of those who have become part of the Bermuda fabric is very beneficial to our recovery on a multitude of levels, including real estate.

The grandest variable is of course The America’s Cup: while hardly a cure all, it would be a solid step in the extraction from our current financial chasm, if we can land that (even though, I suspect, the odds are slim) we would need to find places to house the teams and a vast array of support staff for several years and that would electrify the local real estate market.

What are your top 3 tips when looking at a potential new home?  

  1. Time flies: will this house suit your needs 5 years - 10 years from now
  2. Beauty is only skin deep: Look under counters, open pump rooms, get up in the ceiling, look under the floors: what era/shape is this house in -behind the scenes
  3. Trust your gut: I have bought several houses/apartments and all of them I knew the outcome as I crossed the threshold.

What do you think of propertyskipper.com (we promise not to edit!)?

I love propertyskipper.com – particularly for rentals, I am generally busy dealing with my own listings but I often work with a local relocation firm. It is a terrific and efficient tool to learn and gauge what is going on in a particular slice of the market. In turn it is equally beneficial, and almost addictive, to prospects who have been known to email me at 5.30am “What do you know about this new 4 bedroom house that just came out on propertyskipper.com in Smiths, this morning….” Keeps me on my toes.

To contact William you can e-mail him at: 


or call on +1 (441) 777-9449

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