Meet the Surveyor - Tim Noble from Bermuda Realty

This month for 'Meet the Agent', we interview Tim Noble, who recently joined Bermuda Realty as a surveyor. Tim discusses his previous experiences as a surveyor in the UK from surveying small homes, to nuclear power stations, also, what he enjoys about working for Bermuda Realty and Tim also discusses new technologies in the the surveying business including 3D laser scanning surveys.

How long have you been in the business? I have been involved in surveying since I did some mapping work experience at 16! I followed that up with a university degree in Surveying and Mapping Science, and I have achieved RICS chartered status. I have worked in survey consultancies in the UK for over 20 years.

What can you bring to the team at Bermuda Realty? I have worked in a variety of businesses in the UK, including offices in London and Manchester, and I have worked the length and breadth of the country, as well as internationally. My experience in numerous sectors in the commercial and residential markets means I am used to adapting my skills to new situations. Surveying everything from small houses to the rail network to nuclear power stations means I have pretty much seen it all!

Why do you like working for Bermuda Realty and what’s the favourite part of your job? I love working in a supportive, positive environment and that is what we have here. I am relatively new to Bermuda, and it has been a pleasure to come to work and mix with friendly colleagues from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests that all come together as one team! The company is very much looking to the future and looking to invest in the best quality equipment and people to make the business a success.  

My favourite part of surveying is the mixture of office and site time and getting out and about and seeing new places and people – especially in somewhere as beautiful as Bermuda!  I also enjoy keeping up to date with the latest technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in surveying.

What is keeping you busy at the moment? As with most of the surveyors on the island at the moment we are busy with deed plans and boundary surveys following the very busy property market – a lot of sales! Now I have joined the team I can help out with the surveys that come in, meaning a faster response to surveys from our team from now on.

What kind of surveys do you offer? As well as the deed plans and boundary surveys I mentioned above we also do a lot of topographic surveys and engineering setting-out.

What does the future hold for the land survey team at Bermuda Realty? Using the knowledge and experience I bring from my time in the UK, we are planning to expand our offering and undertake 3D laser scanning surveys – something I have much experience of in the UK. A big part of this will be internal and measured building surveys for the property and architectural markets.   

What are the benefits of laser scanning and 3D reality capture? The key output from a laser scan survey is 3D data, which can then be delivered as 3D modelled data, floorplans or elevations. For example, with our specialist scanner, our surveyor could 3D scan at least 3000sq. ft in under an hour, and typical surveys will have a 3D accuracy of 15-25mm – something hard to replicate with a tape measure and a piece of paper! Data can then be taken from the original laser scan, and a simple, accurate floor plan can be drawn in a matter of minutes. All this ensures a very quick and accurate method of collecting data. 

The skilled team here will take the data we collect and process and prepare the data bespoke to each individual client – every property is different! The beauty of laser scan data is that you can take the data and use it from everything from a simple sales plan to a detailed 3D model and the data is always there ready to rely on once the survey has been completed.

Finally – do you have any good tips for sellers when preparing their home for sale? As everyone who is selling a property needs to engage a surveyor to verify their boundary my advice is speak to us early! As soon as you get in touch we can start researching and preparing for the survey so when the time comes we can be ready to go!

To contact Tim, you can e-mail him at:
Or Call Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty on: +1 (441) 292-1793

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