Phase 2 - Property Viewing Protocols

By Bermuda Chamber of Commerce - Real Estate Division

We have returned to Phase 2 as of Sunday, May 9 at 5:00am until Saturday, June 5 at 10:00pm (as per “Government COVID-19 Press Conference” 6 May 2021).  This allows Agents permission to enter properties for real estate purposes based on the following criteria: 

Real Estate Division Covid Health and Safety Tracing record must be completed by all parties entering the premises. These should be sent and completed in advance of the showing and a record held on file.

Permission of the Tenant residing in the property and the Owner/Landlord must be obtained. A copy of their completed Health and Safety form should be kept on file. 

Showing Protocol

  • Occupants must leave property for duration of the showing. 
  • A maximum of only 4 persons (including agent/s) may be in the property at any time. 
  • Agents are not to show property or allow access to any persons that are in quarantine. This applies to agents, co-broke agents, owners, service providers (appraisers, surveyors) and tenants.
  • You are required to keep contact tracing records for all participants.
  • Each Participant entering the Property must use hand sanitizer, wear a protective face mask, and sanitize under shoes. Remember to not touch surfaces inside or your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Updated COVID 19 Health and Safety Recommendations are set out below. Prospects/participants will be asked the following questions or asked to follow the below guidelines before they enter the property:

  1. Have you or members of your household travelled within the last 14 days and their status regarding vaccination * (See below under Immunized Travelers & Non- Immunized Travelers Protocols – May 2-June 5/2021)
  2. Please confirm whether to the best of your knowledge, you are not currently afflicted with, and have not knowingly (within the last 14 days) been in contact with someone afflicted with COVID-19.
  3. Please confirm you are not experiencing a fever, or signs of respiratory illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or other COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. Each Participant must use hand sanitizer, wear a protective face mask, and sanitize under shoes. 
  5. Prospects are asked not touch surfaces or items in the Property.  
  6. No more than 4 persons may participate, and the agent or agents are included in this number. An agent must always be part of all viewings. No children and pets are not permitted to enter the premises.
  7. Landlord will be asked to open doors/windows and put on lights at the premises prior to viewing and to open as many doors and windows during the showing as possible if property is not occupied.
  8. After the showing, the agent should disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, and counter tops.

Immunized Travelers & Non- Immunized Travelers Protocols – May 2-June 5/2021

Immunized Travelers – Guidelines

  • Must have received the required doses(s) of their vaccine plus two weeks since last dose.
  • After arrival test, are invited to enjoy the amenities at their accommodation property while awaiting lab results.
  • After negative test, no restrictions on movement. 
  • Must adhere to COVID-19 public health guidelines.

 Non-Immunized Travelers – Guidelines 

  • Are required to wear a wristband. 
  • Must quarantine until their negative day 4 test.
  • Restricted activities, relaxed after day 4 test result is received. 
  • Must adhere to COVID-19 public health guidelines. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about your property viewing please contact you Real Estate agent with any further questions.


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