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Article by BE Solar - February 2023

Demand for clean inexpensive renewable energy continues to soar in Bermuda as property owners seek ways to; reduce operating costs, stop burning fossil fuels and increase the value of their properties. Since 2010, BE Solar has installed over 600 solar energy systems in Bermuda helping their clients save over $5 million dollars to date. 

BE Solar currently employs 23 experienced people that are dedicated to providing the highest quality energy solutions accessible to all. They help home and business owners deploy energy solutions that provide the greatest impact by completing a consultative process to develop and present project scopes that achieve financial, environmental and or energy independence goals. 

Residential systems typically pay for themselves in less than seven years and are warranted to produce power for a minimum of 30 years. Each solar panel is paired with the safest and most reliable microinverter technology manufactured by Enphase Energy. Enphase also engineers and manufactures the most sophisticated battery system in the world that provides silent backup power in the event of an outage and allows homeowners to keep energy on their property rather than exporting it to the grid. All of the BE Solar solutions are designed to be modular allowing for expansion and the ability to add batteries in the future based on specific needs.

An additional bonus for solar system owners is the ability to sell excess energy back to the grid. BELCO is mandated by the Regulatory Authority to pay for every kWh that they receive from a solar system and currently pay $0.2265 per kWh sent back to the grid. 

Property owners have an opportunity to demonstrate bold energy leadership and BE Solar is supporting them to achieve this. As a small island nation, Bermuda can collectively move away from a fossil fuel economy with our track record of innovation and the abundance of clean energy sources outside our window.

Ask yourself, are you ready to make a sensible investment in a clean energy solution that will provide long term financial savings and help to fight the climate crisis? 

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