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Article by BE Solar (Bermuda Engineering Co. Ltd)

We at BE Solar often get great questions about solar energy and how it works. We are happy to share our feedback to help you better understand solar and what it can do for you. 

Solar energy is free, abundant and sustainable. Bermuda receives plenty of solar energy, and you can easily harness Mother Nature’s daily resource of sunlight to provide power to your home or business. Rather than relying on burning oil that is imported from overseas, pollutes our environment and exports cash from our local economy, you can capture sunlight and use it to power your energy needs. 

Solar technology can be split into two types; solar electricity (Photovoltaics or PV) and solar hot water (solar thermal). Solar electricity systems turn sunlight into electricity that can power your electrical needs within your home or business. Solar hot water systems use the sunlight to heat water for your showers, baths, laundry and kitchen. Both of these solar technologies work very well in Bermuda.

Solar electricity is much cheaper than oil and gas produced electricity. The cost of electricity provided by a BE Solar PV system averages $0.12 cents per kWh. This rate is calculated by the sum of the total value of the installed solar system, divided by the warranted lifespan. The current electricity rate in Bermuda is as high as $0.42 cents per kWh (and as high as $0.49 cents last September). The bottom line is that BE Solar can provide a 70% savings with a solar system. 

Solar is a better investment than keeping your money in a savings account. A typical BE Solar system can pay for itself in as fast as 5 years and provide an average return interest rate of 17%, with some cases as higher than 20% or more. A savings account gives a return of less than 2%. Everyone loves a good investment and solar is a bright choice. 

Solar electricity (PV) systems have no moving parts. No wear and tear, no maintenance and no worries. Solar is simple and sustainable. 

Solar is a proven technology and the highest quality PV panels come with a 30 year warranty. There’s not much you can buy today with a 30 year warranty. Solar has been proven to last for many decades. Companies that produce the highest quality of panels have outlasted their warranties and have reliably made electricity from sunlight, day in, day out, for over 30 years. 

Solar systems are robust. BE Solar systems are designed, tested and installed to endure hurricane winds, salt spray, humidity, hail, rust and other forms of corrosion. Additionally, a well designed and installed roof mounting system will ensure your Bermuda roof remains leak free and will be able to withstand whatever nature throws at it.

Solar can be installed in discreet locations. We understand that some homeowners are conscious of solar panels affecting the design or style of their home, but in many cases BE Solar can design your system for discreet installation on your roof or the ground. You won’t even know it is there, until your next electricity bill.

You can eliminate your energy bills, and you don’t need batteries. Most residential solar PV systems in Bermuda are directly connected to the grid, and any extra electricity you produce can spin your meter in reverse. Depending on how much solar electricity you produce, and how much energy you use, you can reduce, eliminate, or even earn a credit on your Belco account. If you are interested in battery based systems we do offer bespoke storage solutions. 

A BE Solar system isn’t expensive. You can easily install a solar electricity system in phases, starting small, and adding on as you wish in the future. Even if your system is financed, your monthly energy savings will typically be greater than your monthly loan payments. We offer Bermuda’s first BE Solar kit to help save you even more money.

You can still catch water on your roof. BE Solar only installs solar systems using ‘potable grade’ parts, meaning they are safe for drinking water. So your roof can now provide you with shelter, water and electricity.

You can still paint and maintain your roof. Most BE Solar systems are designed to allow you to get a paint brush or roller beneath them. It is also easy to remove solar panels where needed to apply paint, and reinstall them afterwards. 

Solar works even when it is cloudy or raining. Even on the worst days, your solar system will be producing electricity or hot water. Germany is the world’s leading nation in solar integration, and their solar climate pales in comparison to the sunlight received in Bermuda.

With BE Solar you can monitor your solar production, anytime, anywhere in the world. Dial in to your computer or smartphone and see how much your solar system is producing in real-time and over time. With BE Solar you can even see how much electricity each solar panel is producing. You can share how much you save and maybe friends will go green with envy. 

You can get a free quotation. Contact BE Solar today to arrange a site visit, and learn how much you can save by going solar. You have a choice where you get your energy from and we can help make the best choice easy for you. 

BE Solar (Bermuda Engineering Co.Ltd) is Bermuda’s leading solar energy provider, and believe in developing a financially and environmentally sustainable future for Bermuda. We are proud to BE Solar, and we make going solar easy.

Call us on 279-5907 or visit us at www.besolar.bm today. 


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