Why 100% Fibre Internet is the Best Option

Bermuda has been awash with talk and ads about fibre internet over the last 16 months. Many people may be confused as to the difference between the fibre service that each provider is offering and for others it may be a case of ‘internet is internet and as long as it works that’s all that matters’.

And that last point is why you should care when shopping around for internet for your new home. You’ll want a reliably super-fast internet that works when you need it i.e. all the time and fibre all the way to the home is what will deliver the highest level of consistency and speed.

Before we start describing a 100% true fibre network let’s take a step back. In general, and especially in Bermuda, there are lots of terms providers use when it comes to internet: copper, bandwidth, fibre to the home, cable, fibre, access, ISP…..

You just care that you get fast internet for all the different things in your life from shopping online, watching Netflix, working from home, making video calls, online gaming, downloading files and so on. Therefore you’ll want the best and it’s a fact that out of all the internet technologies here Digicel’s fibre to the home is the fastest and most reliable way to access the internet. 

With Digicel’s 100% fibre you get ultra fast optical fibre right into your home, so it’s end-to-end from the start to the finish. Optical fibre is made up of flexible hair thin strands of glass which transmits light meaning you can download a film in minutes while the kids are enjoying online gaming in the next room.

This is not a fad. Fibre to the home is future-proofed which sounds like jargon but it simply means its capacity is virtual unlimited. If you are settling into a new home you’ll never have to worry about future upgrades as fibre can manage any increased capacity in the future without impacting speeds.

So that’s fibre to the home but what about the other solutions? DSL, which is the most widely available service on the island, uses copper wires and is about 100 times slower than fibre and will eventually be replaced. Fibre is less susceptible than copper to degradation, temperature and moisture interference which is a common problem in Bermuda due to its sub-tropical climate

The other fibre option here is a hybrid of fibre and copper, or fibre to the curb, which means your internet is delivered over fibre as far as the box on your street before completing the journey over copper into your home. This significantly increases the chances for degradation to your signal. Lastly there is signal over WiFi which can be hampered by adverse weather conditions and it does get wet and windy here!

As you settle into your new home, and all the work that goes with it, having a 100% true fibre connection is one less thing to work about. To get connected call Digicel on 500 5000, e-mail fibre@digicelgroup.com , visit us in-store at 10 Church Street, Hamilton or visit our website: https://www.digicelgroup.com/bm/en/home.html

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