Property for Sale and to Rent in Sark, Guernsey

Property for Sale and to Rent in Sark, Guernsey

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Property For Sale In Sark

propertyskipper is Guernsey’s leading property portal, featuring fantastic property for sale in Sark, Guernsey. Located just off the coast of Normandy, Sark has a small population of around 500. Sark is one of the few places that is car-free, allowing visitors and homeowners alike to get away from the hustle and bustle. Sark offers large traditional property

Why Choose To Buy Property In Sark

It's fair to say that Sark is a pretty outstanding location to buy property. So, why would you want to buy a home in Sark? Owning a property in Guernsey provides a great blend of English and French influence upon the lifestyle and culture you will experience. There are many historic features that can be explored. Sark is located 9 miles east of Guernsey and it is known to be welcoming and relaxed.

Property Market In Sark

We offer property in Sark that is ‘Open Market’. This means that the property is open to anyone provided they have the correct immigration permissions to live in Guernsey. The opposite of ‘Open Market’ is ‘Local Market’. As the name suggests local market homes can be occupied by anyone who qualifies as a local resident via ancestry or birth place.

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