Property for Sale and to Rent in Torteval, Guernsey

Property for Sale and to Rent in Torteval, Guernsey

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Property for Sale and to Rent in Torteval, Guernsey

Torteval Guernsey is one of the best places to purchase property in the channel islands. propertyskipper has a range of property available to buy and rent in Guernsey with properties on the open and local market. We provide an unmatched service that has seen us provide Saint Pierre du Bois property and other property around guernsey to clients for years.

Torteval, Guernsey

Torteval is the smallest parish in Guernsey, located in the west of the island. The parish itself is split in two by Pierre du Bois/St Peters. In Torteval's centre you will find a church built in 1818, which contains one of the oldest bells on the Channel Islands and also the tallest steeple in Guernsey.

Torteval is a great place for nature fans. The Fort Grey and Shipwreck museum is a popular tourist attraction as well as the surrounding Rocquaine Bay.

Torteval Property For Sale, Guernsey

We have a range of property available in Torteval. We have large 5 bedroom properties and smaller 2 to 3 bedroom premises with great outside space.

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