Guernsey's Charming Parishes

Known for its stunning beach resorts, glorious beaches and gorgeous scenery, Guernsey is a self-governing channel, located in England. Guernsey is a key part of the Channel Islands, it is extremely popular for tourists and expats. 

Considering Guernsey provides a great lifestyle with many amazing opportunities, there is no question as to why it is so popular. The great work-life balance that is offered in Guernsey really helps to influence people’s thoughts about relocating here. Being a small island, the majority of things are close together so when you want to do something it's either a momentary walk or drive. The dozens of beaches surrounding the island are perfect for spending time with family and friends while soaking up the sun. 

In this article, we have listed Guernsey’s charming parishes, each having an overview. If you would like to read the extended articles, they are linked at the end of each section.  


Castel is Guernsey’s largest parish in terms of square miles, yet the population only stands around 9,000 people. Castel provides a great work-life balance along with a great quality of life, meaning you can work reasonable hours while enjoying quality time around the stunning parish. 

Castel’s average temperature can reach up to 23°c, giving you and your loved ones plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the parish and glorious climate. Some activities you can participate in include visiting Saumarez Park, Vazon Bay, Fort Hommet Gun Casement, Guernsey Telephone Museum and National Trust Folk Museum. 

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The delightful island known as Alderney is often referred to as ‘the gem’ of the Channel Islands. With summers reaching up to 20°c and winters dropping down to 6°c, on average, Alderney lets you take full advantage of all seasons. 

Compared to other locations in Guernsey, Alderney can be an excellent place to live due to its low regime and regular transportation. As well as this, Alderney has a welcoming community and great support for new business. 

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St. Andrews

The historic parish known as St. Andrew’s is located in the centre of Guernsey. St. Andrews is a unique parish as it is the only one that is landlocked. The Rural and peaceful haven is filled with beautiful valleys and fields, which provide breathtaking views. St. Andrew’s also has a range in temperature throughout the year, great for those who love taking advantage of each season. 

St. Andrew’s provides a relaxing pace of life along with a fantastic work-life balance. It is a well-visited destination for tourists, which is no surprise considering there are plenty of exciting activities to suit a variety of lifestyles. 

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St. Martin

St. Martin lies to the Southeast of Guernsey. The picturesque parish contains beautiful bays, crystal clear waters, steep cliffs and golden beaches. Well known for its beaches, St. Martin provides the perfect opportunity to explore and make amazing memories with your loved ones. Not to mention, the quality of life here is fantastic. 

The charming parish allows its residents to take full advantage of its glorious climate. With summers reaching up to 30°c and winters dropping to 21°c, St. Martin is ideal for those who love the heat! 

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St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port is one of the most popular and best places to live, with many of Guernsey’s residents calling it home. The charming parish is filled with history and attractions, meaning those that are here are never bored!

The quality of life and work-life balance in St Peter Port is seen as excellent. Here you are able to work reasonable hours while having plenty of time to relax and spend quality time outside of work. This makes St Peter Port a very attractive location for those looking to buy or rent a home in Guernsey. 

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St. Sampson

The beautiful parish known as St. Sampson is divided into two sections. One section is situated on the West Coast and the other immensity of the parish being situated on the East Coast. With a beautiful harbour on its doorstep and a great amount of fresh green space, St Sampson is amazing for nature lovers and those who thrive in the outdoors. 

St. Sampson has plenty of activities to suit a range of lifestyles such as golfing, go-karting, visiting the park, relaxing at a spa, visiting the theatre and more. This charming parish is a great destination for people of all ages.

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St. Saviour

St. Saviour is a great location that makes up the Channel Islands. Being the second-largest parish in Guernsey, there are many historic attractions to marvel at as well as plenty of activities to participate in. 

St. Saviours has primary and secondary schools, which is great for those who have children or looking to start a family here. There are also fantastic job opportunities, which is always handy for those looking to live here. 

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Divided into two territories, Vale is a charming parish located in the North of Guernsey, Channel Islands. Vale’s glorious summer weather provides you with the opportunity to visit one of its well known historic monuments, Vale Castle. The Castle is over 1,000 years old and has breathtaking views as it overlooks the island. 

Vale has a great work-life balance, meaning investing in a property here would allow you to take full advantage of the reasonable working hours and spending weekends on the stunning golden beaches. 

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Sark is often referred to as the ‘Jewel’ of the Channel Islands. Located in the Southwestern English Channel, Sark is an extremely relaxing area with a unique status. Sark has a ban on vehicles being used on the road (except tractors and horse-drawn vehicles) to intensify the peace. Peaceful Sark allows its residents to escape the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

There are plenty of activities for you, your friends and family to enjoy such as, relaxing on the golden beaches, visiting the museum, go-karting, indoor swimming and more. 

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This charming parish is the highest parish in Guernsey, meaning it provides spectacular views. Guernsey airport is located in Forest which makes transportation easy if you ever want to go abroad. 

Foret is well known for its famous museum; The German Occupation Museum. This museum features an exhibition on life in Guernsey during the German Occupation. This is just one of the many activities you can participate in when in Forest. 


Torteval is the smallest parish that Guernsey has to offer. The Western parish is split into two (Pierre du Bois and St. Peters. In the centre of Torteval lies a church that was built in 1818, contains one of the oldest bells on the Channel Islands and has the tallest steeple in Guernsey.

Torteval reaches up to 20°c, on average in summer, giving you a great opportunity to spend your time outdoors and explore the stunning parish. 

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Guernsey is an incredible island offering spectacular views, scenic walking routes, an array of wildlife, along with a relaxing pace of life. The community is positive, providing a great feeling of motivation and positivity.  If you are interested in finding out more about the parishes of Guernsey take a look at our guides here. If you are interested in the property we have to offer here at Property Skipper, contact us here