Why Guernsey is The Perfect Place to Buy Land

Here at Property Skipper, we have a variety of beautiful plots of land for sale. Ranging from £25,000 to £750,000 and even POA. Our land can provide you with brilliant opportunities such as building property, as well as agriculture. 

In this article, we are going to be talking about Guernsey, why you should invest in Guernsey and the land we have to offer here.


Guernsey, located in the English Channel, is a stunning island located which makes up a part of the Channel Islands. Guernsey provides glorious warm summers, with the hottest month being July, and mild winters. Guernsey’s weather provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of all seasons. Known for its gorgeous beaches, beach resorts and breathtaking scenery, Guernsey is a perfect place for everyone! The self-governing channel is quite small, meaning the majority of amenities are close together which is great as the majority of things either a momentary walk or drive. 

As well as being an extremely popular destination for tourism, Guernsey also obtains plenty of migrants each year. With Guernsey providing a lifestyle like no other, there is no question as to why so many love to relocate to this truly beautiful island. The cost of living is on the high side, yet that takes into account the lifestyle in the area provided. Despite the high cost of living, as previously mentioned, Guernsey provides many benefits including a finer quality of life, fantastic career opportunities, a great work-life balance and many more benefits really help to influence those who have thoughts of relocating here.

The gorgeous beaches and amazing cliffs offer relaxing walks, with phenomenal views, which is perfect quality time with friends and family. There are also multiple restaurants, landmarks, historic sites, cafes, and tours that you, your family and your friends would love while soaking up the golden sun. Not forgetting the different parishes of Guernsey are all worth a visit! Each parish is unique and they all offer a range of fun activities, meaning you will never be bored while exploring the extraordinary island. 

Why invest in Guernsey?

Land is one of the lowest expenses when it comes to real estate investments, which means investing in Guernsey land can come at a reasonable price. Land in Guernsey can be hard to come by, so purchasing land here could be a great investment; with preparation and planning, you could really be a part of a great project. Each year tourism increases as many people love to come and enjoy Guernsey’s lifestyle, which is ideal for those looking to buy land.!

Land in Guernsey

The land in Guernsey is truly beautiful and can provide you with the perfect opportunity to build your own property, as well as agriculture. Take a look at some of the plots we have for sale, here at Property Skipper. 

Land for sale in St. Peters:

This good-sized, triangular field is approximately 1 and ½ acres. This beautiful section of land occupies a corner site on elevated ground, towards the South West of the island, and has good vehicle access. Bounded by hedges and earth banks makes it perfect for cropping or animals. 

3 Bed Land For Sale in Vale:

This large level plot offers a great opportunity to build a stylish new home in a rural lane. Plans have been passed to demolish the existing barn and build a new home centrally located on the site. The plot has permission for independent ross access and the proposed property will boast a modern style. 

2 Bed Land For Sale in Castel:

This large level plot is situated within a stone’s throw from Guernsey’s popular West Coast beaches. Richmond Farm has plans approved to demolish the existing stable block and build a new, two-bedroom property. Externally, there is a panoramic, Southerly aspect, as well as parking, a good-sized garden and adjoining agriculture field. 

Property Skipper

Buying land in Guernsey would be great, as the stunning island provides a lifestyle like no other. With our land providing great opportunities, take a look at all of the plots we have to offer here!

Here at Property Skipper, our highly skilled staff are dedicated to the services we offer and prioritise our clients. If you are interested in buying land in Guernsey, contact us today!