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If you are looking for the latest property news in Guernsey then you have come to the right place! propertyskipper not only provide you with the best Guernsey property news and tips but also sell a lot of Real Estate in the area. For more information check out our properties for sale in Guernsey today.

  • Apr
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  • Guernsey is a great place to live and explore this time of year, some might say that Spring is the best time of year to explore the island. Spring is the time when…
  • Feb
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  • Are you considering re-locating to Guernsey with your business of for your personal life but unsure what you property you can buy or rent? The link below is an…
  • Dec
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  • Guernsey is the perfect island to visit all year round and christmas is no exception. Whether it’s your first time in Guernsey during winter or you’ve never…

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