Property for Sale and to Rent in St. Andrew's, Guernsey

Property for Sale and to Rent in St. Andrew's, Guernsey

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Property For Sale In St. Andrews Guernsey

Saint Andrew’s Guernsey is one of the hottest places to purchase property in the channel islands. Propertyskipper have a range of property available to buy and rent in Guernsey with over 20 properties available in St. Andrew’s alone. We provide an unmatched service that has seen us provide Saint Andrews property and other property around guernsey to clients for years.

Why Choose To Buy Property In St. Andrews

St. Andrews is located bang in the middle of guernsey. Living or renting in Saint Andrews will give you a prime location to wander around the island as you please. You will be located right in the middle with multiple parishes surrounding you for you to check out and visit. Guernsey has a range of old architecture and little villages that are picturesque for your viewing pleasure. One little piece of history available to view in St. Andres would be the world's smallest chapel. Standing around 9 feet long this chapel is one example of the heritage available to see when you rent a home or apartment for rent.

Property To Buy Or Rent In St. Andrews

If you take a look above at the property we have for rent or purchase in St. Andrews you will be able to see that each home has individual details featuring everything you need to be able to purchase a home. We have a range of styles of homes including bungalows and fully furnished, out the box family homes. Depending on your budget you can really find a property that may interest you. Our range of properties are well presented and available for rent or purchase.

What Is There To Do In St. Andrews?

Being located in the heart of Guernsey can allow for you to visit multiple parishes easily. The history of Guernsey is clear to see, also the fantastic coastlines are only a trip away. It is easy to reach St Peter Port by the main road that passes the northern entrance to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Trust propertyskipper 

If you are looking to buy a property in St. Andrews, propertyskipper can help, do not hesitate to get in touch! We have a large range of property for sale in St. Andrews for great prices.

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