The Fantastic Lifestyle Guernsey has to Offer


The stunning island known as Guernsey, is a very desirable place for those looking to relocate. Guernsey is especially popular with people who are originally from the UK. Making up a part of the channel islands, providing mild winters and warm summers, this island allows you to take full advantage of all seasons. 

Guernsey is extremely popular for tourism and there is no question as to why. Well known for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery, Guernsey is great for those who thrive on spending their time outdoors. This island provides a lifestyle like no other, as well as plenty of other benefits when it comes to living here.

With multiple locations on this fab island, Guernsey’s charming parishes all have unique elements making them different from each other. Some offer extreme peace with cars and vehicles being banned on the road and others offer many attractions making it a much more occupied destination. 

Despite each parish being slightly different from one another, all have one thing in common which is marvellous scenery. These scenic destinations truly accentuate the natural beauty of Guernsey. If you enjoy relaxing strolls with beautiful views, Guernsey is the perfect place for you!

On the topic of great views, take a look at this property located in St. Peter Port.

4 Bed Property For Sale in St. Peter Port

This modern property is located in a quiet location in St Peter Port with a south facing garden, stunning sea views and excellent garaging. The property is finished to a luxurious specification and offers well balanced accommodation with up to four bedrooms and three bath/shower rooms together with a spacious kitchen/living room and separate lounge with balcony which enjoys superb views across St Peter Port and towards the east coast.

Education and Job Opportunities

There are a variety of educational facilities in Guernsey. With three private schools, multiple primary schools and multiple secondary schools, there are plenty of educational opportunities for Guernsey’s residents. If you are looking to relocate with children, then you have nothing to worry about! 

Despite Guernsey not having its own university, there are still many opportunities for further education. Higher education courses and open universities are popular options for Guernsey residents. 

Similar to education opportunities, the job opportunities in Guernsey are equally great. With a global reputation of being a financial centre of excellence, Guernsey has a variety of job sectors to choose from. 

Work-Life Balance

Guernsey has one of the best work-life balances in the sovereign of the UK. When it comes to the times that you are not working, three are plenty of things that you are able to do. The dozens of beaches that surround the island offer phenomenal views along with amazing cliffs. The peaceful island has plenty of activities that are ideal for all lifestyles and ages. Landmarks, restaurants, cafes, historic sites and tours are just some of the many great activities you can participate in / visit on the extraordinary island. 

Guernsey is also popular in summer. Due to its beautiful weather and fantastic activities, summer in Guernsey can only provide amazing memories for you and your loved ones. 

On the topic of work, there are also some extremely interesting tax benefits that you can take advantage of if you live in Guernsey. Guernsey tax residence is based on the number of days an individual spends on the island, with one day being counted if they are present on the island at midnight. Those living there for more than 91 midnights a year are subject to Guernsey tax at 20% on worldwide income in the calendar year in which the income arises. Find out more about this within our tax talk blog!

Property Skipper

In short, Guernsey is truly a great destination for those who are seeking a relaxed lifestyle along with a fantastic work-life balance. With plenty of education facilities, job opportunities and activities for those of all ages to enjoy, you will never get bored on this picturesque island!

If you are interested in the property for sale or property for rent that we have to offer in Guernsey, there are plenty of charming properties for you to choose from! From 1 bed to 7-bed properties and a price range of £120,000 to £10,600,00 and even POA, we have plenty of options that are suitable for an assortment of budgets. 

Here at Property Skipper, we have years of experience when it comes to property for sale and rent in Guernsey. If you are trying to find your dream property in Guernsey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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